Udemy downloader extension for Firefox

Unlock the convenience of offline learning with Udemy downloader extension for Firefox. Discover how to install and use these browser add-ons to download your favorite Udemy course materials effortlessly and enhance your learning experience.

12/18/20234 min read

Udemy is a popular online platform for learning, offering a wide range of courses on various subjects. While Udemy courses are generally accessible through their website, some users may wish to download course materials for offline viewing or for archiving purposes. If you're a Firefox user and want to download Udemy courses easily, you can make use of Udemy downloader extensions. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of using these extensions to enhance your learning experience.

What is a Udemy Downloader Extension for Firefox?

A Udemy downloader extension for Firefox is a browser add-on that allows you to download Udemy course videos and materials directly from your Firefox browser. These extensions streamline the downloading process, making it more convenient for learners who want to access course content without an internet connection.

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Here are the steps to get started:

Step 1: Install Mozilla Firefox

If you don't already have Mozilla Firefox installed on your computer, you'll need to download and install it. You can get the latest version of Firefox from the official Mozilla website - https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/.

Step 2: Install a Udemy Downloader Extension

There are several Udemy downloader extension for Firefox. Here are some popular ones:

Video Hunter Downloader

  1. Visit the Firefox Add-ons website.

  2. Search for "Video Hunter Downloader" or click this link: https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/video-hunter-downloader/

  3. Click the "Add to Firefox" button to install the extension.

  4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Step 3: Access a Udemy Course

Once you've installed a Udemy downloader extension, open your Firefox browser and log in to your Udemy account. Find the course you want to download.

Step 4: Download Udemy Course Materials

Using the Udemy downloader extension you installed, you can typically download course videos and materials by following these steps:

  1. Open the Udemy course you want to download.

  2. Click on the Udemy downloader extension icon in your Firefox toolbar.

  3. A menu or dialog box will appear, allowing you to select the specific videos or materials you want to download.

  4. Choose the desired options and start the download process.

Step 5: Manage Your Downloads

You can usually track the progress of your downloads within the extension's interface. Once the downloads are complete, you can access the course materials offline at your convenience.

Keep in mind that Udemy's terms of service prohibit the downloading and distribution of course materials without permission. Be sure to respect these terms and only use the downloaded content for personal use.

Best Ways to Download Udemy Courses

Downloading Udemy courses can be a valuable feature for learners who want to have access to their study materials without relying on an internet connection. Here are some additional tips and insights to make the most out of Udemy downloader extensions for Firefox:

  • Choose the Video You Want to Download: Udemy courses often consist of multiple videos or lectures. Before downloading, ensure you select the specific videos or lectures you want to save, as not all content may be necessary for your offline learning.

  • Select the Desired Video Format and Quality: Depending on your preferences and device capabilities, you can often choose the video format and quality you prefer. Common options include 720p and 1080p resolutions, which offer high-quality playback.

  • Download Udemy Courses Using the Built-in Download Option: Udemy itself provides a built-in download option for some courses. Look for a "Download" button on the course materials page to access this feature without the need for extensions. This option is typically available for enrolled learners.

  • Use Desktop or Mobile: Udemy downloader extensions are commonly designed for desktop use. However, if you prefer learning on your mobile device, you can transfer the downloaded content from your computer to your mobile device for on-the-go access.

  • Leverage Developer Tools: In some cases, you may find that a video downloader extension doesn't work as expected. In such situations, you can use browser developer tools to inspect elements and find the video source URL. This can be more advanced but is a useful technique for experienced users.

  • Consider Output Format: Some Udemy downloader extensions allow you to choose the output format for downloaded videos. This can be helpful if you have specific requirements for video playback on various devices.

  • Access Udemy Courses on Windows and Mac: Udemy downloader extensions are typically compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, ensuring users across various platforms can benefit from offline learning.

  • Premium Udemy Courses: Keep in mind that not all courses on Udemy are available for free. If you are enrolled in a premium course, you can still use downloader extensions to access course materials offline, provided you have the necessary permissions.

  • Check the Official Website: When searching for Udemy downloader extensions, it's a good practice to visit the official websites or repositories for these extensions to ensure you are downloading from trusted sources. This helps avoid potential security risks.

  • Share Your Experience: If you find a Udemy downloader extension that works well for you, consider sharing it with fellow online learners. Sharing knowledge about great Udemy downloaders can help others access their courses more efficiently.

In summary, using Udemy downloader extension for Firefox can greatly enhance your online education experience by allowing you to download course materials for offline viewing. These extensions provide convenience and flexibility for learners who may not always have access to the internet. By following the steps outlined in this guide and considering the additional tips provided, you can maximize the benefits of offline learning and make the most of your Udemy courses. Enjoy your educational journey!


Udemy downloader extensions for Firefox can be handy tools for learners who want to access course materials offline. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily install an extension of your choice, download your desired Udemy course content, and enhance your learning experience on the platform. Just remember to use these extensions responsibly and within the boundaries of Udemy's policies. Happy learning!