Download videos from Instagram

Video Hunter, as a web browser extension, empowers users with the seamless capability to download a variety of Instagram content, including Videos, Stories, Reels, IGTV videos, and carousels. Enjoy the convenience of having a versatile tool that enhances your Instagram experience by providing easy access to diverse types of content for offline enjoyment.

download video from instagram
download video from instagram

How to Download Instagram Videos?

To download videos from Instagram, you need to follow these four easy steps.

Click button below to install extension or visit Webstore

Install extension for your browser

Open Instagram website

Open and go to the video you want to download

Open extension popup

Go to the extension panel in the right top of browser and click to Video Hunter icon

Download video you want

Choose video and click the Download button to save the video

What Is Instagram Video Downloader

Video Hunter Downloader stands out as the premier Instagram Video Downloader, offering the ability to effortlessly download Instagram videos in high-quality MP4 format. This versatile tool goes beyond just video downloads; it also allows users to download Instagram stories, highlights, and reels with ease. Elevate your Instagram experience by accessing and saving your favorite content in top-notch quality using Video Hunter Downloader.

Instagram Videos Downloader HD

Introducing Video Hunter, your go-to Instagram Videos Downloader HD that offers a superior downloading experience. Whether you need to download individual videos, IGTV episodes, Reels, or Stories, Video Hunter is the ultimate Instagram Video Downloader designed to meet your high-definition content needs. Utilize this efficient Instagram Video Downloader Online to effortlessly download and enjoy your favorite Instagram content in the highest quality possible.

Instagram Video Downloader
Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram IGTV Video Downloader

Discover the convenience of using Video Hunter as your dedicated Instagram IGTV Videos Downloader. IGTV, known for its long-form videos, becomes easily accessible with our efficient Instagram IGTV Downloader. Save IGTV videos directly to your device, ensuring you can watch them later, anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection. Video Hunter is your reliable Instagram IGTV Downloader Online, providing a secure way to preserve and enjoy your favorite IGTV content, eliminating concerns about potential deletions or the need to be online.

Instagram Video Downloader
Instagram Video Downloader

Download Instagram Reels Video

Explore the latest video format on Instagram with Reels, inspired by the principles of TikTok. Seamlessly download Instagram Reels videos using the Video Hunter Downloader, your go-to Instagram Reels Downloader. Our advanced Reels downloader enables you to effortlessly save your favorite Reels videos, offering an exceptional downloading experience, including the option to download Instagram Reels videos in 4K quality. Elevate your Reels experience with Video Hunter Downloader, ensuring you have the flexibility to enjoy your preferred content at the highest resolution.

Why You Should Use Instagram Video Downloader?

Instagram Video Download 4k

Elevate your visual experience with our Instagram Video Download 4K service, allowing you to capture and enjoy stunning high-resolution videos on Instagram like never before.

Seamlessly Download Instagram Videos with our user-friendly platform, offering a hassle-free way to save and enjoy your favorite content anytime, anywhere.

Download Instagram Videos

Preserve the magic of moments with our Instagram Story Downloader, ensuring you can effortlessly save and revisit those ephemeral and cherished stories.

Instagram Story Downloader
Download Instagram Video MP4

Opt for convenience with our Download Instagram Video MP4 feature, providing a versatile format for compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Dive into the world of creativity with our dedicated Instagram Reels Downloader, offering a quick and efficient way to save and relish your preferred Reels content.

Instagram Reels Downloader
Download Instagram Video Free

Experience freedom with our Download Instagram Video Free service, allowing you to enjoy your favorite videos without any cost. Elevate your Instagram journey with our comprehensive suite of video downloading solutions.

FAQ about Instagram Video Downloader

How to install a Video Hunter Instagram Downloader?

Video Hunter operates as a web browser add-on, eliminating the need for additional downloads. Simply click the "Add" button in the web store, and the extension will be swiftly installed. Our Instagram Downloader extension is compatible with various web browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Vivaldi, Orbitum, Amigo, Chromium, and other Chromium-based browsers. Enjoy the convenience of seamless installation and hassle-free Instagram video downloads with Video Hunter.

Is Instagram video downloader free?

Yes! You can save from Instagram any content you like for free and with unlimited access. Our Instagram video downloader is an accessible web-based application that is easy to use. But, if you like it, you can donate to developers.

Where is my video saved after downloading?

Any videos you save using the Instagram Video Downloader are automatically stored in your browser's default download folder. Videos are usually saved in the "Downloads" folder on PC/Mac. To locate this folder, navigate to your browser settings and find the download section, where you can identify the default destination for saving Instagram videos.

Can I save stories on Instagram?

Yes, you can view and download any Instagram story, from the story, click extension icon, then choose video and click Download button.

Discover all the essential information about Video Hunter, the Instagram video downloader. If you're unable to find the answer you're seeking, please let us know, and we'll do our best to assist you.

How to Instagram download video and photos, reels on iPhone/iPad (iOS)?

Video Hunter distinguishes itself by providing users with the ability to directly download videos and music to their mobile phones, facilitated by a QR code scanning feature embedded within the extension.

Do you track the links?

Absolutely not! Our Instagram video downloader ensures that no links you search through our software are tracked. We prioritize and respect the privacy of our users.

Can I download Instagram video to Full HD 1080p?

The Instagram video downloader boasts cutting-edge technology and sophisticated algorithms, enabling users to download Instagram videos in high quality, including HD 1080p, 2K, and 4K resolutions. This exceptional capability makes the Instagram video downloader a top choice for numerous users.

Can I download from a private Instagram account?

Yes, you can download from your private Instagram account's Videos, Stories, and Photos.